Getting Started

Getting Started

The sales process with CRB is fast and easier than you might think.

Fill out our Online Chargeback Analysis Form.

Once we receive the complete Online Chargeback Analysis Form we will provide you with a quote on purchasing your Chargebacks/Receivables.

Complete CRB’s Purchase Agreement, sign and mail/fax to CRB. Upon receipt we will sign and forward a copy for your records. CRB’s Purchase Agreement is an agreement that not only covers the initial purchase but also covers all future purchases of your Chargebacks/Receivables.

Start sending your Chargebacks/Receivables to CRB either electronically, by mail or Fax.

After Receipt of Chargebacks/Receivables, CRB will process and verify data then wire or mail your proceeds per the Agreement.

Continue to send in your Chargebacks/Receivables and CRB will continue to remit your proceeds.


Using knock down rebuild designers

When you want to knock something down and rebuild from scratch, whether it be a wall or an entire building, it makes sense to work with knockdown rebuild designers to get the best results.

When you work with knock down rebuild designers from the very beginning of your project, you can ensure it is done as efficiently and as cost effectively as possible. Knock down rebuild designers have the experience to know the best way to do the project and also whether you can accomplish what you want without doing a complete tear down of your existing structure.

Another benefit of working with knock down rebuild designers at on your project is that you make sure you have the expertise needed to ensure the project is done in a manner that follows all local rules and regulations. It can be terribly costly and lead to huge delays if you do something wrong either in the demolition or the rebuilding process.

Working with knock down rebuild designers also can ensure that you plan out the project right the first time, which will prevent you from making errors that require changes in plans after the project has already started, which can add to your costs and to your timeline.

Working with experts when knocking down and rebuilding has a number of advantages that can save you both time and money and make the cost of hiring the experts well worth it.